Top Reasons For Crashes

1. Driver distraction:

The biggest driver distraction, believe it or not is drivers onlooking at a collision site!

When I was training to be a driving instructor, my fellow trainee and I were driving on the highway when we saw ambulances on both sides of the freeway at the same spot, in opposite directions!

It was clear someone had looked too long at the first crash site and caused another!

2. Driver fatigue:

Be well rested when driving, especially starting a long drive.

3. Drunk driving:

These are usually the most serious, often fatal collisions.

4. Speeding:

It's better to arrive late than not at all!

5. Aggressive driving:

Sometimes you need to be assertive as a driver, but not aggressive. The big difference is emotion.

6. Weather:

Respect the road conditions in hot, wet and windy weather.

These reasons for collisions can be avoided or at least minimised. Take The Privilege Of Driving Seriously.

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