Truck Lessons

Get your truck licence driving real industry vehicles and trained by real truck drivers. Our experience will give you the edge you need.

  Current Industry Vehicles

Learn to drive in vehicles currently used in Industry, so you have experience in the real world driving the kinds of rigs you will be driving in the workforce.

  Instructors are interstate and local industry Truck Drivers

Real truck drivers will teach you real world driving skills to ensure you are well equipped for your career. This experience will ensure you are a cut above the pack. When you're ready, your instructor will arrange your test, which nearly every student passes the first time after learning to drive with My Pro Drive.

  Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of safe driving skills, contact us for details on gift vouchers for driving lessons.

  Weekend Training available

For those currently working and wanting to gain their licence to further their career, we can arrange for weekend training.

To upgrade your licence to a Heavy Vehicle Licence refer to Getting a heavy vehicle licence.

Truck Lessons Pricing

Service Price
LR Driving Lesson
MR Driving Lesson
HR Driving Lesson
HC Driving Lesson
MR Day Course - B Condition (1 Day Training)
MR Licence Pack ( TMR Driving Test  + 1 Hour Preparation Lesson  )
HR Restricted Licence Pack (TMR Driving Test  + 1 Hour Preparation Lesson )
HC Open Class Licence Pack ( TMR Driving Test  + 1 Hour Preparation Lesson )
HR Day Course - B Condition (1 Day Training)
HC Day Course - B Condition  (1 Day Training)
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