Road Safety Starts Here

My Pro Drive's philosophy has always been to train the best drivers the best way possible. Your future safety on the roads is subject to the level of skill you take with you after passing your test. For this reason, we focus on making you the best driver possible, and in so doing, ensure you pass your test and get your licence.

My Pro Drive was formed in 2003 with the idea that we are a transport company teaching people to drive. We are a small company keeping with the focus of training students in the way to drive with the realities of real life experience. We found that driving schools across the board are just that a driving school. My question is simple "How can you teach someone to drive in an industry that you are not directly involved in?" We all know the laws change and so does the way we do our everyday work. It is not written in a book what happens in everyday life so how can other schools teach the realities of daily driving. We believe we can do that. We still run a number of trucks within the industry doing Car Carrying throughout Queensland and locally doing grocery deliveries. This is what stands us apart from every other school.

We saw the need for the same requirements in cars and hopefully we can bring the reality of daily driving to the new generation driver.

We feel very passionately about our determination to promote safe driving and it starts with the training. All the staff here at My Pro Drive maintain a strong work ethic, courtesy and a high standard of professionalism. We look forward to being of service to you.

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