Pass Your Driving Test 1st Attempt

If you are facing the challenge of a driving test soon, you're no doubt nervous about passing the test on your 1st attempt. There is something to be said about the driver whose confidence and skill allows them to pass the test first time out. Fortunately, this is not a matter of luck! Passing the driving test on the first try, like anything else, just requires dedication, practise, and some practical advice. That is where My Pro Drive can assist.

The 100 hours is proving to be difficult to complete with most local trips being around 15 minutes. The 10 hours with Pro Drive equals 30 hours in your log book but this is still a long way from 100 hours. Unfortunately the experienced driver taking you out for the other 70 hours does not always have the necessary skills to train you to get through the test. I am not saying they are not good drivers but Queensland Transport have a criteria that they do their assessments to and they must follow Queensland Transport Procedures and this is where My Pro Drive can help you pass your test on the 1st attempt. We are active in updating our instructors training and keeping informed on what changes are happening within the industry, including road rules updates, and this includes local council road speed changes and new stop signs, etc in our area, and Queensland Transport policies changes.

As with any test, the key to passing a driving exam is to know exactly what is going to be expected of you, and then study and practice those very things. You are expected to know all the basics of driving in various conditions, and to have mastered all the fundamental elements of driving safely as well. As such, these are the things to practice, and if you master them, you should have no trouble at all during the exam itself. We believe with the right training you should not have a problem passing the test on your first attempt and be well on your way to becoming a better and safer driver.

Good Luck !!!!

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