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Keys2Drive is an Australian Government-funded program designed specifically to help new drivers avoid harm in their first six months on P's by preparing them for the realities of P plate driving. The free lesson is one of the central initiatives of Keys2Drive.

The free lesson is for anyone on their L's, together with their parent/supervisor (the supervisor is the fully licensed driver who usually accompanies the learner when they drive). Only learner drivers are currently eligible to apply.
To be eligible for a keys2drive free lesson the learner driver MUST hold a Queensland learners licence.

What happens in the free lesson?

The free lesson goes for 60 minutes, during which the Keys2Drive accredited driving instructor will explain the Keys2Drive learning approach - 'Find Your Own Way' – and offer examples and a practical demonstration of these skills being used.

What to bring to the lesson?

  • Both the learner driver and their parent/supervisor need to attend the free lesson.
  • Learner drivers need to bring their learner's licence, and their Free Lesson ID. Remember to bring your glasses if you need them to drive.
  • Parent/supervisors must bring a current Australian full driver's licence.
  • It is best if the learner has around 10 hours driving experience before attending the Keys2Drive lesson.

How do I get a free lesson?

  • Lessons can be booked by learner drivers, or by parents/supervisors on behalf of eligible learners.
  • Register with Keys2Drive and then sign in to obtain a free lesson ID. My Pro Drive has accredited Keys2Drive driving instructors in your area - just give us a call to book in a time.

This information was sourced from the Keys2Drive website

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