Qualifications: Car Instructor

Transmission: AUTO

Lesson Vehicle: Hyundai I30 

As a father of 5 girls, including one coming up to the age when she will be obtaining her learners license, I appreciate that you want to be;
* Taught the essential and necessary skills to keep you safe on the roads (including achieving your Queensland Driver's License) as efficiently as possible.
* Taught by someone who respects and understands your individual learning style and personality and tailors each lesson to develop your individual driving ability. 
* Taught by someone who has patience, can communicate with you on a one to one basis and with whom you feel completely comfortable sharing your driving experience with.
I look forward to being part of your journey to becoming a safe driver and  achieving your Queensland Driver's License.
(NOTE I hold the necessary Queensland Government accreditation to be your Driving Trainer (including Blue Card) and have a wealth of experience in mentoring/training individuals in various roles in addition to long term driving experience.)
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