HC Driving Lesson

  • A class HR vehicle
  • A truck (including a prime mover or mobile crane) over 8t GVM with a trailer of more than 9t GVM.


The HC Licence can be a HC Open Gearbox, HC B - Synchromesh Condition Gearbox or a HC A - Auto Gearbox. 

The HR Open Gearbox is a Road Ranger Gearbox which is a Double Clutch movement generally in an American style truck and can take between 8 to 12 hours to master. It is a Gearbox that requires accuracy and timing to get right.  

The HR B Condition ( Synchromesh or Auto ) is similar to a gearbox in a car or 4wd. It is one clutch movement and around 70% of the HR Trucks are of a Auto or Synchromesh gearbox configuration. This Gearbox is between 2 to 5 to master and be Test ready.   

The HR Licence is $120 for a 1 Hour Driving Lesson.  We suggest you do at least 1 hour before booking a driving test to ensure you know exactly what is required to Pass your Driving Test. 

The Driving Test is $350 for the 3 hour examination period. We do a 1 hour Driving Lesson and take you to Queensland Transport where the Queensland Transport Examiner will get into our vehicle with you and go for the 1 Hour examination. 

There is a $65 Test Booking Fee which is required to book the driving test and also a $30 Heavy Vehicle Leaners to be completed before you will obtain your HR Class Licence.  

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