Shane Mallory

Qualifications: Car Instructor.

Transmission: MANUAL

Lesson Vehicle: Toyota Yaris



Hey Guys, Shane Mallory here. I'm a driver trainer with Pro Drive because Pro Drive wants to help you on your journey to achieving the independence and the opportunities that a driver's licence provides.

I have been involved in education and instruction for over 30 years and have more than 35 years of driving experience. 26 of those years was a police officer in the Queensland Police Service where I was specifically involved in training all police in Queensland legislation. Prior to leaving the police, I was in charge of training police recruits. In addition to my driver training qualifications, I also hold two Bachelors degrees in adult and secondary education.

I know what is needed to provide you with life long driving skills to be a confident and safe driver. My approach to your learning is always calm and supportive. Learning drive does take time and the development of unique skills but it should also be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. When you learn with me, that's what I provide.


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