Qualifications: Car Instructor.

Transmission: AUTO

Lesson Vehicle: Suzuki Vitara  



Hi, my name is Dalase Shilling.  I have a solid background in teaching, training and leadership.   I am well experienced in driving cars, heavy vehicles and large passenger vehicles and, as such, have had a long on road history.  This offers a wealth of experience that I look forward to passing on to you, the student driver.  One of my main skills is being able to adapt to your way of learning to ensure the highest possible standard of education and customer service.  I am also owner of a business called The 2 Hour Circle which sees me spending many hours on the road on a motorcycle, which gives me a heightened awareness of other drivers. 


Things that are important to me:

1)  Driver courtesy

2) Driver anticipation

3) Driver safety

4) On road decision making.

5) Motorcycle awareness

6) Mechanical sympathy  

5 Star Rating


Dalase is calm, cool and collected when dealing with a very anxious driver. I went from being afraid to drive to being confident and passing my test shows that!! I recommend Dalase to anyone of any age who wants to learn to drive with confidence

Olivia Roberts

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